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Merchant Discount Card Fundraiser

#1 Merchant Discount Card Program In The Tri-State!

BlackBear Fundraising’s reputation is anything but mediocre. We handle everything from securing merchants, creating in-house artwork, and the production of products, to securing on-time delivery and 24-hour customer service. BlackBear Fundraising has dedicated decades to developing and upholding long standing relationships with national and local merchants, just for you!

No matter the program you choose, BlackBear Fundraising ensures a hassle free fundraiser that is nothing but a success! Let our effective Merchant Discount Fundraising Card programs quickly become an annual tradition (and success) for your group! Maintain fundraising goals, year after year, with BlackBear Fundraising Merchant Discount Card programs.

BlackBear Fundraising’s Merchant Discount Card Program Selection

  • Regional Merchant Fundraising Cards
  • 9 Key Tag Fundraising Cards
  • 64 Coupon Set Fundraising Cards
  • Hybrid Fundraising Cards

FREE Artwork and Set Up!

Our in-house graphics department can customize a Merchant Discount Card Fundraiser for your group or organization, with your logo and information. We’ll work hand-in-hand with you in order to achieve the exact results that your group is in search of. Not only are BlackBear Fundraising’s Merchant Discount Card Fundraiser cards customizable, they are also FREE of artwork charge!

Contact Us Today…Start Fundraising Tomorrow!

Overall, BlackBear Fundraising has all that you need for a reliable, profitable fundraiser. We are here to efficiently and effectively help you and your organization or group reach—and possibly surpass—its fundraiser goals, no matter the size. Call us at 1-888-816-4868, or send an email to info@BlackBearFundraising.com today, and start your group’s fundraising program tomorrow!