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Hit your Target Market with the Help of BlackBear Fundraising!

BlackBear Fundraising is a completely different fundraising company. Our company is perfect for your next marketing campaign, no matter how large or small its goal may be. Our professional marketing experts will provide a smooth campaign process and effective results every time.

Achieve Full Marketing Success with BlackBear Marketing Programs

We partner with our merchants to gain only full marketing success. BlackBear Fundraising can expand your market share, by making use of one of our strategic marketing programs. These programs are necessary, in order to highlight your business without a hard cost to your business! And with 20 years of experience, BlackBear Fundraising has partnered with grand merchants to create full-color, high quality coupons, key tags, and additional branded promotional products.

Direct Distribution to thousands of Households in the Tri-State Area

From Pennsylvania and Ohio, to regions of West Virginia, BlackBear Fundraising provides direct distribution. We offer your business direct distribution to current and new markets! Whether your growth strategy is to increase walk-in traffic, or promote via social media, BlackBear Fundraising will increase your market share.

We Work Closely with Merchant Partners

Year after year, BlackBear Fundraising works closely with merchant partners to provide value-based fundraisers. Our unique, value-adding products and merchants, are the cornerstone of BlackBear Fundraising programs. Our products are full of consumer value, loyalty and reliability, ensuring that your group’s fundraising event is as successful as possible!

Create Loyalty with Your Customers

Your participation in the marketing programs of BlackBear Fundraising creates loyal customers, by supporting local organizations and their fundraising goals. The value of brand loyalty created within the community is immeasurable. This quality is created by your participation in the multiple fundraising events from BlackBear. To learn more about our programs and partnerships, please contact us by calling 1-888-816-4868, or by sending an email to info@BlackBearFundraising.com for us to contact you!